Dan Gill Therapy LLC
Individual, Couple, and Family Psychotherapy
A wise mentor told me years ago: "You learn a myriad of theories and brands of therapy, but eventually you become your own therapist. You work with the theories that make sense to you and that fit your own personality." 

With this in mind, I opened "Dan Gill Therapy" in 2013 and set out to further define how I think people change. I am indebted to The Family Institute at Northwestern University and the Jewish Children's Bureau for sharpening my vision over fourteen years.

Emotion-Focused Therapy, narrative therapy, family systems therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and psychodynamic therapy are at work, overtly and subtly, when I help young adults (16 to 25) navigate the dizzying array of options ahead of them in life; they are foundational in my work with committed, engaged, and married couples; and they help the individual client gain better self-awareness, the essential building block to improving relationships with others.

My office is just blocks from the "el" and Metra.
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